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Winter 2010 - Department | Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Boni Gravelle

  • Position:
    Kindergarten teacher
  • Education:
    University of California, Davis, B.S.
  • Family:
    Daughters Megan Gordon ’96 and Ginger ’04, son Tinker ’00
  • Pastimes:
    Reading, drawing, creating, talking to her kids on the mainland

Boni Gravelle teaches language arts. She is one of six extraordinary kindergarten teachers at ‘Iolani.
By JoAnn Stepien

Boni Gravelle has been a dedicated, single parent of three ‘Iolani graduates and is now grandmother to granddaughters Malia Sierra, 3, and Kai Stella, 1, from her oldest daughter Megan.

Educator extraordinaire with 40 years (34 of them at ‘Iolani) total teaching experience, she is one of ‘Iolani’s six kindergarten teachers. She is also a published artist and author.

Friend to children, co-workers, and former students who are now alumni and their families, Gravelle has a classroom as full at 2:30 p.m. as it is during the school day. She provides a warm inviting retreat for many.

Gravelle is an exceptional artist, who has produced note cards with her sketches for Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation fundraisers. Many of her friends and family members are fortunate enough to have some of her original sketches of local landmarks.

As a songwriter and poet, Gravelle has used not only her musical talents, but her way with words to create songs and poems that assist her students while they are learning important facts and information.  Having fun while learning is important to her and to her students. Many third graders can still sing the fire safety song they learned in kindergarten.

As a true philanthropist, Gravelle tutors at the Kakaako Homeless Shelter and has volunteers for programs and projects with the Hawaii Children’s Cancer Foundation.

‘Iolani is fortunate to have Boni Gravelle here to inspire and warm our hearts and to instruct our youngest of Raiders.

Comments from Readers

  1. 45355b75dfb0d65fab262ebff78985f6
    Tammy on 5/9/2010 at 11:37am

    We love you Boni!! Those kids are so blessed to have you in their lives!!