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Spring 2009

Life was different back then. George Ariyoshi presided as Governor. Kalapana recently released Many Classic Moments. Bobby McGee’s was Waikiki’s hot spot. And ‘Iolani was a school for boys.
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Spring 2009 - Other News | Class Report

Performing Arts in New York City


The ‘Iolani orchestra performed in St. Bartholomew’s Church.
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Nearly 60 orchestra students and 20 theater students traveled to New York City from December 25 to January 2 to experience the culture, history, art, museums, theater scene, and life in the Big Apple.
To raise money for their trip expenses, in the fall, theater students staged a night of “Comedy & Tragedy” (The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World by Jonathan Rand and The Katrina Project by Michael Marks and MacKenzie Westmoreland) in Seto Hall. 
Orchestra students also held a fundraising concert that featured Copland’s "Hoedown",  Bizet’s "To Read or March" from Carmen, highlights from West Side Story, hula, and three pops selections with guest artist Daniel Ho. These performances were learning experiences as well as entertaining evenings.  Proceeds went towards students' travel expenses.
While in New York, the orchestra performed twice. Under the direction of Kathy Hafner, students held concerts in Manhattan’s Church of St. Paul The Apostle and St. Bartholomew’s Church. Hula students led by kumu hula “Aunty” Lehua Carvalho performed. The director at St. Bartholomew’s was so impressed he invited ‘Iolani students back for a string and organ performance next year.
“When students travel to a distant location, especially to a metropolis such as New York City, and have the opportunity to perform, they gain confidence and know that they have the experience of bringing their musicality to a new, sophisticated audience,” said Director of Performing Arts Wayne DeMello.  “Mainland audiences are always impressed by the talent and poise of our students.”


Robert Moran ’10 and Kevin Tanaka ’09 read lines from Spamalot.
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Led by teacher Rob Duval, theatre students went to five Broadway productions and attended a theater workshop. The morning after seeing Monty Python’s Spamalot, they gathered in Chelsea Studios in Lower Manhattan with Tom Deckman, a principal actor from the show. Deckman directed students in scenes from Spamalot, led sessions on improvisation, and worked with small groups on scene study.
Seeing South Pacific at Lincoln Center was also among the highlights for the young thespians. Students met Loretta Ables Sayre, who received a Tony nomination for her performance as Bloody Mary. Sayre is a familiar face on local stages.
“The students who traveled to New York had a wonderful array of experiences,” Demello said. “Exciting performances in gorgeous settings, cultural and historical opportunities, Broadway shows, a taste of big-city life, and ice-skating.  The students grew to appreciate each other more deeply, and they took advantage of personal freedom on the trip with thoughtful maturity. The orchestra and theater members represented their families, their school and their state honorably.”